Bkidz - Tomica Disney Characters Diecast Collection

  • Safety for children when playing : Model car products of Takara Tomy manufacturer (Specialized in producing all kinds of safe, smart toys for children ...) made of high-alloy materials level is non-toxic, with children, and has a solid design, beautiful but not angular, safe for children.
  • The product can be used as a decoration : In addition to the main function of making toys for children to learn about the real world of cars through models of cars, toy cars can also be used as additional decorations. for your house.
  • Helps increase the ability of children to remember and learn : Exquisitely, beautifully and accurately simulate the details of real cars in a ratio of 1: 156 to help children distinguish types of cars, brands and models Different than real life. Help children better understand about life around their favorite model toys.
  • Brand Information : Tomica is a famous Japanese toy brand of Taraka Tomy company with a history of nearly 90 years of development. Always be interested in safe toys and fulfill your creative dreams and learn about the world around them. Tomica Company constantly improving the quality, improving products, meeting the tastes of the babies. So not only do children everywhere love Tomica toys, but fathers and mothers around the world also favor.
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